[c]/drɔ / (say draw)

verb (drew /dru / (say drooh), drawn, drawing)
verb (t)
1. (sometimes followed by along, away, in, out, off, etc.) to cause to come as by a pulling force; pull; drag; lead.
2. to bring or take out, as from a receptacle or source: to draw water; to draw blood; to draw tears; to draw teeth.
3. to bring towards oneself or itself, as by inherent force or influence; attract: draw a crowd; draw flak.
4. to pick or choose at random.
a. to be dealt or take (a card) from the pack.
b. Bridge to remove (trumps, or outstanding cards of a given suit) from an opponent's hand.
6. to sketch in lines or words; delineate; depict: to draw a picture.
7. to mark out; trace.
8. to frame or formulate, as a distinction.
9. to take in, as by sucking or inhaling.
10. to get; derive; deduce: to draw a conclusion.
11. to disembowel (a fowl, etc.).
12. to drain (a pond, etc.) by a channel, etc.
13. to pull out to full or greater length; stretch; make by attenuating, as wire.
14. to wrinkle or shrink by contraction.
15. Medicine to digest and cause to discharge: to draw an abscess by a poultice.
a. to withdraw (money), as from a bank account.
b. to write or sign (a cheque, order, draft, or bill of exchange).
c. to receive (income) on a regular basis from a fund, investment, etc., as superannuation payments.
17. Nautical (of a boat) to displace (a certain depth of water).
18. Sport to leave (a contest) undecided.
19. Sport to be placed in (a certain position) for the start of a race: to draw a good position.
20. Archery to pull back the bowstring and arrow of (a bow) preparatory to shooting the arrow.
21. Billiards to cause to recoil after impact, as if pulled back.
22. to gather in (a crop, as hay, corn, etc.).
23. to obtain (a commodity, as sand, gravel, etc.) from its source.
24. to search (a covert) for game.
25. Curling to toss (the stone) gently.
verb (i)
26. to exert a pulling, moving, or attracting force: a sail draws by being filled with wind and properly trimmed.
27. to be drawn; move (on, off, out, etc.) as under a pulling force: the day draws near.
28. (sometimes followed by on) to take out a sword, pistol, etc., for action: to draw on an opponent.
29. to use or practise the art of tracing figures; practise drawing.
30. to shrink or contract.
31. Medicine to act as an irritant or to cause blisters.
32. to produce or have a draught of air, etc., as in a pipe or flue.
33. Games to leave a contest undecided.
34. Hunting
a. (of a hound) to advance carefully towards the game, after indicating it by pointing.
b. (of a hound) to follow the game animal by its scent.
35. (of tea) to infuse.
36. the act of drawing.
37. something that draws or attracts.
38. that which is drawn, as a lot.
39. the distance from the bottom of a mine pit to the top.
40. Sport a drawn or undecided contest.
41. Lacrosse the starting or restarting movement of a game, in which the crosses of two opposing players are pulled apart, having previously been placed back to back with the ball between them.
42. Bowls
a. the path taken by a bowl after delivery.
b. the extent of the curve in the path a bowl takes, as a result of its in-built bias.
43. Sport a deliberate slice (def. 5).
44. Canoeing a stroke used to propel the canoe sideways.
45. the drawing of a gun out of its holster: Cowboy Dan was quick on the draw.
46. draw a bath, Chiefly British to fill a bathtub with water in preparation for a bath.
47. draw a bead on, to take aim at. {Phrase Origin: from bead, the front sight of a gun}
48. draw a blank, to be unsuccessful, especially when looking for someone or something, or trying to find out about something: *police were armed with five arrest warrants, but admit they drew a blank with three. –aap news, 2001. {Phrase Origin: from an early type of lottery in which only numbered counters could win a prize, so to draw an unmarked counter was to fail to win anything}
49. draw a line in the sand, to indicate a limit to the activities of an adversary, which if crossed will result in retaliation.
50. draw back, to inhale deeply the smoke from a cigarette.
51. draw down, Banking to transfer (funds) from one account to another.
52. draw near, to approach gradually.
53. draw on,
a. to approach; to near.
b. to pull on (a garment).
c. to call on or make a demand on: to draw on supplies.
d. to make a levy or call on (for money, supplies, etc.).
54. draw out,
a. to extract.
b. to lengthen or prolong.
c. to encourage or persuade (somebody) to talk.
55. draw someone's (or something's) attention, to cause someone or something to notice: a movement, enough to draw the lion's attention.
56. draw stumps, Cricket to pull up the stumps as a sign that the day's play has ended.
57. draw the lead, Boxing to force an opponent to lead, and then counter-punch through the opponent's guard.
58. draw the line, Colloquial
a. to fix a limit: *But Lee said it would be `very difficult' to draw the line on what can or cannot be discussed, especially in certain `grey areas' where the discussions are not political but have implications on the society. –aap news, 2003.
b. to refuse.
59. draw the teeth of, Colloquial to render harmless.
60. draw to someone's attention, to cause someone to notice: to draw Mary's attention to the lack of food.
61. draw up,
a. to bring to a halt.
b. to come to a halt
c. to prepare or set out (a document, plan, etc.).
d. to arrange, especially in military formation.
{Middle English drawen, Old English dragan, related to German tragen carry, bear. See drag}

Australian English dictionary. 2014.


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